2nd October 2011 Michelle and Aaron Sneek Speek

Michelle and Aaron Sneek Speek 4Photographed a lovely wedding today at the wonderful roof top terrrace of Sails at Redcliffe. What a fantastic location, what a fantastic day and what a fantastic wedding. I enjoyed ever minute of it.

Here are some sneek speek photos straight from the camera. Over the next few weeks we will finish these photos and many many more to form a lovely story for their album.

As with all of our weddings, we cant wait to finish the album as this is where our photographs come to life and tell the story …. until then … enjoy this sneek speek ….

Michelle and Aaron Sneek Speek 1Michelle and Aaron Sneek Speek 1Michelle and Aaron Sneek Speek 3Michelle and Aaron Sneek Speek 4

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22nd September 2011 The Big Time

Councillor Victoria NewtonHow does any professional photographer know when he has hit the big time?

The answer of course is when Councillor for Deagon Ward in Brisbane, none other than Victoria Newton herself arrives at your studio asking for new photos to be taken of her.

No pressure at all but I think if I stuff up, I may never work again … but seriously I hope Victoria is happy with the results of todays photo shoot which i hope will reflect on her own down to earth approachable style of leadership. 

Victoria works tirelessly for our local community so it is a real please to help her out.  Her website is at http://www.victorianewton.com.au/. We appreciate all your excellent work Victoria!

Tech Stuff
Canon 5d MK II
1/200 Sec
ISO 100
Studio strobes and background
Councillor Victoria Newton

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21st September 2011 Organised Chaos

Organised ChaosToday I spent on my graphics tablet in my production room at the studio so I thought i would take a picture of it.

You would never know it to look at this photo, but I am the fussiest person I know when it comes to a workstation. Everything is just right for me to work them spots and crinkes away. The overhead light is placed in exactly the right position to illuminate the desk, tablet and keyboard without shedding any direct light on to the screen or anything behind the screen. The ceiling light is then at the correct intensity which I can adjust if need be. There are no vivid colours in the room which could throw any slight colour cast onto the screen. The keybaord and tablet are black/grey and not white which, when this close,  could affect the appearance of blacks on screen.

The full HD screen is always the brightest thing in the room being at least 2 stops brighter then anything else, it is fully profiled by Spyder so that every colour is exactly measured and corrected.

The super reliable LINUX disk array to the right of the screen is fully hot backed up via RAID which means I dont need to stop working in the event of a disk crash. These LINUX disks have a very hard working life and sure beat Windows and Apple for reliability,  just about never need rebooting, not even after a whole year of continueous work.  They are accessable by any computer in the studio which are networked by Ethernet gigabit (fastest) Local Area Network (LAN). Behind the screen is a Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) which means I can carry on working in the event of a power failure and then power down gracefully without loss of work. The desk is a big enough space so that my printer can produce test prints within easy grabbing distance before commiting to send away for a canvas or an album.  

Everything is based around the screen and graphics tablet, the centre of my working life.

Most inportantly of all , to the right,  is a serving hatch from the kitchen so that I can be passed coffee.

So it may look like chaos but theer is some method to the madness!

Tech Stuff
Canon 5D MK II
1/125 sec
ISO 1250
Organised Chaos

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20th September 2011 Photograph Love

LoveOut of all the emotions I get to photograph, the greatest of these is Love.  My life being devoted to photograph love in different situations, an engagement, a wedding, a newborn baby, a family and the list goes on …

So we were doing the beach today and I was thinking about taking a photo of my two girls when I was called over to look at this stone “Hey Daddy look at this, it looks like a love heart”.

Here is my photo of love then  … err … hope you love it:-)



Tech Stuff
Canon IXUS 40
Fully automatic settings

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19th September 2011 Big W Photoshoot

BIGW PhotoshootKids are off school, wife complaining that I have spent no time with them all weekend due to photographing two weddings, so decided I would have the morning off and take some pictures of them.

So I asked my 6 year old where we should have photos taken and she replied “Big W”.  For those outside Australia this store chain is named after F.W. Woolworths, the original American dime store and is still alive and kicking today in Brisbane Australia.  Had he been alive today, I think Mr Frank Winfield Woolworth would be best pleased with today’s photo shoot location.

So the scene was set and I allowed the kids free reign to go and do what they pleased in the store. A good strategy as we now have a dozen photographs that I am best pleased with.  This image here makes me laugh as Rachel is busy studying the different chocolates whilst her younger sister, Kate, is bored with this isle so she has decided to have a dance. Even though I am there taking photos, I am totally ignored by both of them, excellent!

For this photo, I could see the movement in Kate so I selected a slower shutter and placed the camera on a supermarket shelf using it as a tripod. I could not see through the viewfinder so I just zoomed out and pointed it in the right direction, Shoot from the hip in other words. Later I cropped the photo.

Teach Stuff
Canon G11
1/6 sec
ISO 400
Camera held on supermarket shelf as very slow shutter
Shot from the hip without looking … looking is cheating!
Read my earlier post why it is important to take photos of your everyday life

BIGW Photoshoot

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18th September 2011 Red and Blue Above Green Below

Red and Blue Sky and Green GrassI have a love of natures colours. Just look at all the colours here. Basically a Red and Blue Sky and Green Grass but actually when we examine these natures colours we find something much more complex. In the sky here are not just 2 colours but actually millions of colours, amazing hues, luminosities and gradients of colours. That’s nature and that’s truly wonderful.

What more is there to say? Well only that our wonderful bride and groom today will be able to enjoy the wonder that nature has provided as through the amazing colours were  arranged especially just for their wedding photographs.


Tech Stuff
Canon 5D MKII
1/50 sec
ISO 400
1 strobe to back light and I to front light
See my earlier post on Wedding Photography

Red and Blue Sky and Green Grass

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17th September 2011 Bush Fire Sunset

Sunset Bush FireI love my sunsets, maybe ervyone knows this already, but today was a sunset sent from heaven. It was a combination of sunset and the results of a bush fire … wow.

The Sunshine Coast Hinterland recent bush fire had created a natural filter and caused the light from the setting sun to be very much reduced and changed in colour. Wonderful.

I know bush fires can be a dangerous and dreadful thing, but nature here in Australia shows us that many positive things come from this natural phenomenon, and today was one such example.


Tech Stuff
Canon 5D MKII
1/2500 Sec
ISO 400
Studio Strobe
My earlier post on Wedding Photography Here.

 Sunset Bush Fire

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Helen Marsh Gorgoeus…what more is there to say!! Great capture Paul. Will look amazing in their album or on their wall!!

udazotxjea Never seen this colour in the sky before

atavjuntxk wow cool colour man

npmsrxodmk Wow i hear about aussie bush fires on the news. Great photo

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Many thanks to Tim for letting me know my RSS subscribe feed was down. RSS feeds now moved to Feedburner and I hope this resolves the problem and you can use you fav feed service as normal. Happy Reading Paul.

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16th September 2011 Half Silhouette

Half SilhouetteToday’s subject, a couple in Love. How nice is that. It was also a great opportunity to xreate a Silhouette shooting straight into the sun.

A word of warning before we continue …. NEVER try this at home. NEVER shoot straight into the sun without proper training and guidance. Blindness is not worth getting a perfect silhouette for. It also goes against the good training that was drummed into me on my first wedding photography course many years ago. But rules, whilst they represent excellent common sense, are just made to be broken sometimes and this was one such occasion.

Instaed of a full Silhouette, today we rendered the image as a half Silhouette maning the camera was set up for the domanent back light, In this instance the setting sun, and a flash on minimum power just puffed in some light to turn it into a half Silhouette.

Why Do this? because it is very natural. If you were there tonight, this is exactly as your eye would view it. The flash has not overpowered the image and it has not even correctly exposed our subject, its just puffed some light back to make this natural shot.

Hope you like it. What do you think? has it worked?

Tech Stuff
Canon 5D MKII
1/5000 sec
ISO 100
Flash on manual power and zoom adjusted to look correct
My earlier post on Silhouettes Here.

 Half Silhouette

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15th September 2011 Better than Disneyland

Dad and Girls at Dangerous BeachWhat’s better than taking pictures of your family at Disneyland? the answer is of course taking pictures of your everyday life.

I have said it before, but many families will associate going on holiday with a need to take photos to remember it by. Thats great and when I am on holiday I take photos like they are going out of fashion. The problem is that it is all too easy to overlook a need of taking photos of your everyday life.

Here is my “Easy as A,B,C” guide how to do it

  1. Get a small camera. Yes real small and in fact small enough to fit easily in your pocket. My smallest camera is a old Canon IXUS 40 and whilst being about 7 years or so old, it still takes photos MANY times better than the latest Apple iPhone or Andriod whatever.  PS Did I tell you than phones make lousy cameras? Read more on why here. 
  2. Now that you have a camera so small and light, you can take it anywhere right?
  3. These tiny point and shoot usually do not have manual settings, good, be content with fully automatic mode.
  4. Shoot from the hip. For the photo presented here, I simply pointed the camera in more or less the right direction without looking through the viewfinder or at the LCD screen, and shot the scene. No rocket science what so ever. better still, if you are not detected taking the photo.  This photo has captured what me and my girls do all the time, walk down to a beach well call “Dangerous Beach”. Excellent!
  5. Recognise the limitations of shooting this way. You are not going to end up with a magnificent portrait to hang on the wall and be proud of for the rest of your life using this method. You are not going to even have a well composed picture with artistic flair, but you will have captured “what you do”.  Revisit such photos in 10 years time and you will be surprised how much they mean to you.  Happy shooting!

Now photography scholars amongst us may be keen to point out to me that I have got my own shadow in the photo and the horizon is not straight.  LOL, but you have missed the point.

Tech Stuff
Canon IXUS 40
Fully automatic settings
Shot from the hip without looking … looking is cheating!

Dad and Girls at Dangerous Beach

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14th September 2011 Sunrise over Flinders Parade

Flinders Parade when a sunrise is not a sunriseSuch unusual bold colours coming from my image here. Lovely reflections on the water, I should call this photo, “when a sunrise is not a sunrise” Can you guess what time of day this was taken (Sunrise today was 5.47am) so any guesses?

The answer is of course at 8.25PM or about 3 hours after sunset. The reason being of course that this is not a sunrise at all but an overexposed moon taken just 2 days after the full moon when it glows a red colour. Later into the evening the red colour fades and overexposing the moon renders it almost like the sun, but the difference being the moonlight does not bleach colour like we are used to from our harsh sun.

The sky and water are therefore wonderfully and delicately lit by the moon whilst the tree, grass and sign are dimly lit by a street light which is a sodium bulb giving off a color cast which appears natural on trees but a little strange on the grass and concrete pavement.

For this exposure I was forced to use f/3.5 as the camera, a Canon G11, has no B (Bulb) shutter or time mode for longer exposures; 15 seconds is its limit.  What a shame Canon. I would have preferred to use f/8 and get the tree more in focus but was forced to use f/3.5 and so forced to render the street sign sharper than the tree.

Tech Stuff
Canon G11 (but alas I should have used a SLR with this image)
f/3.5 (would rather have used f/8)
15 Seconds exposure (sadly the slowest exposure the G11 can do)
ISO 200
Manual focus at 1 meter behind the sign to get the tree less soft)
Tripod of course

Flinders Parade when a sunrise is not a sunrise


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13th September 2011 Silhouette Photography

Silhouette PhotographyToday I gave myself the day off and so decided to travel into Brisbane to visit a photographic exhibition of the wonderful Street Photography of Henri Cartier-Bresson.

I spent two and a half hours looking at his amazing Black and White images and loved every minute of it. But just before I went into the exhibition, I saw this Silhouette and reached down for my Canon IXUS point and shoot and captured it.

Of course Silhouette’s were around long before photography but now, using cameras it is so very easy to use this technique of photographing people or objects against the light. The light might be the brightest part of your framed image, such as a sunrise or sunset or an open doorway, a technique known as contre-jour or it might be used in a studio using studio lighting lighting.

Silhouetting occurs when there is a large lighting ratio that gives very high contrast; the difference between the lightest shades (the background) and the darkest shades (the foreground person or objects being Silhouette’d). In lighting ratio terms, a ratio of 8:1 or less may show some detail in the Silhouette and no detail in a lighting ration of 16:1 or greater.

The exposure is set for the background, usually with an aperture of f/8 or f/11.

Here is how to easily achieve a Silhouette

  1. Select a scene that is back lit. A person again a sunset for instance
  2. Put the camera on Aperture priority f/8 and the metering mode set to Matrix Mode (for Nikon) or Average Metering (for Canon) or Multi Zone. Do not set the camera to spot metering.
  3. Focus on the foreground silhouette subject
  4. Turn your flash off. For fully automatic cameras or modes that turn the flash on automatically, place your finger in front of the flash.  Alternatively, If you want to see a tiny bit of detail in your silhouette, turn your flash to a minimum setting or for fully automatic cameras or modes, place  a folded piece of grease proof paper over the flash and so reducing its power.

and take the photo, its as easy as that. For fully automatic cameras, just ensure the subject is not too large in the frame and take the photo (if the subject takes up most of the frame then the metering will be affected and a silhouette is not likely to be achieved.

Tech Stuff
Canon IXUS 40
Fully automatic settings
Tiny amount of detail brought back into the mans face and shirt in post processing  (but see point 4 above by partially using a flash)
My earlier post on Henri Cartier-Bresson here
Silhouette Photography

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johnc I am taken back by this photo. Would love it on my wall

Marion Impressive with that camera!!!

12th September 2011 Photograph Flowers

Flower PhotographyToday was a dull overcast day which in my opinion is a great day to photograph flowers. The gray clouds is natures own softbox lighting source and takes away the harsh direct sunlight that makes flowers  look, well harsh!

I got out in the back garden and saw the colour coming of these wild flowers. Wow fantastic, all I wanted to do was to photograph the colour!

Here are my top tips on Photographing Flowers in your garden.

  1. Pick a dull day. Much better lighting than direct sunlight hitting the delicate flower and/or direct sunlight illuminating the background. If the light looks too flat, then get out a pocket torch and light up part of the flower. The pocket torch (or flash light) is a spot light with a lovely soft graduation of light around the edges, perfect for flowers. You can also very the light intensity by moving the light nearer or away from the flower.
  2. Use a tripod as the closer you get, the more any camera movement is exaggerated. A Tripod will keep the camera still and also keeps you hands free for holding the torch.  You can also put the camera on timer to ensure you do not jog the camera whilst pressing the shutter release.
  3. Pick a breeze free day. You cant easily shield flowers from any wind. This never works as flowers are so delicate they flow in the breeze all too easily.
  4. For wildflowers, pick a flower that is not absolutely perfect and that way you render the wildflower as wild:-)and for garden flowers such as Roses, pick one that is perfect and symmetrical.

Tech Stuff
Canon G11
Manual Exposure on f/8
1/30 Sec
ISO 80
Torch to light up nearside of flower. Torch held under flower.
Flower Photography

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pachete quality blog mr copsey photographer sir .

TFj Thanks for very informative website.

Marion The use of the torch gives that extra Zing! Lovely!

11th September 2011 Nine Eleven

Full Moon on Nine ElevenToday being the tenth anniversary of Nine Eleven (9/11), saw the collapse of the twin towers in New York and the loss of the innocent.

My photo here shows the full moon on 9/11 displaying the light, and hope,  against a sea of darkness and I think that’s all I want to say about what happened ten years ago.


Tips on How to Photograph the Moon

  1. Select manual exposure. The correct exposure to photograph a full moon on a very clear night is f/8,  ISO 100 with shutter speed 1/250 sec.  This exposure should show detail in the moon, however, in my photograph here I have overexposed the moon as I was only interested in it as a featureless ball of light and not interested here in seeing the detail of the shadow areas of the moon.
  2. Select manual focus and set the focus to infinity.
  3. Zoom right in (otherwise it will appear as a small dot). The more you are able to zoom in, the larger the moon will appear.
  4. Use a tripod for stability to render the moon sharp.
  5. A good time to photograph the moon is around sunset where photographs taken just 2 minutes apart will yield different sky colour and brightness. For this photo, I wanted to render the sky very dark and so I waited until 15 minutes after sunset (Location Brisbane, Australia in Spring Time).

Tech Stuff
Canon G11
Manual mode f/8
1/13 Sec
ISO 80
Heaps of grain and tint added in post processing

Full Moon on Nine Eleven


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Marisol Pritchard Wonderful pic,love the grain. Interested to use you used ISO 80 but you could have used ISO 6400 to get similar grain

Paul Copsey Hi ya, Yes correct I could have used a very high ISO but as I had a tripod with me so I prefer to add it later in Photoshop just incase I ever want to do a version with less/no grain.

Jovan Charpentier RIP

Doyle Schwier you should take part in a contest for the finest blogs on the web!

Video Production You can definitely see your expertise in your work At all times follow your heart.:-)

Photos Hello there, You’ve done a fantastic job. I?ll definitely digg it and personally suggest to our readers

hyip Paul Copsey you are just too excellent.

Gabriela Lovette RIP to innocent peoples

buy images Fantastic quality images! and just email us if you want to sell any photographs

john Pretty nice photo and tips. I’m hoping you write once a day forever!

Nicol Stokan Love the photo Paul. Thanks for permitting me to comment!

Zwjw87 wonderful

10th September 2011 Kids Birthday Party

Kids Birthday Party PhotographyNo weddings booked today, how unusual for a Saturday in September, but a kids birthday party instead.

Here is the birthday girl with her good friend. I like this photo because I think it shows what good fun kids parties are.


Here are my tips on how to View full post »

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Jae Chisnall excellent fun picture. i will remember what you say about getting down to their level. thanks

Scott Vansyckle what splendid tips in your posts paul, Have an awsome day!

Helen Marsh Awesome shot Paul. I totally agree I find involving the kids & showing the image in camera on the back a real winner! Enjoying your blog…keep them coming!

Madge Dermady This actually answered my problem, thanks!

Marion Great shot! Their eyes are stunning!

9th September 2011 Rain and Neutral Density

Umbrella In The RainToday was a rainy, windy day which gives different opportunities for photos. I took some photos of palm tree leaves in the rain and then went into town as I visualised a photo of someone struggling with their umbrella. I took the tripod as I wonted to render the scene sharp expect for the person and umbrella. I waited outside ANZ bank for just five minutes before this lady came along and here was my shot.

In order to render the scene sharp and the moving person blurred it is necessary View full post »

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fujifilm x100 Hi there, love your photos and what you have wrote on another page of the Fuji X50 Cheers!

Blaine Ravel Hey, I really like the rain in photos. Not many people bother taking photos in the rain Cheers

Bradley Dyreson Looking forward to reading more from you Mr Photographer!…

Palmer Pendergraft you top photographer !!

maternity photography Hello there, I find you really informative and think a lot of other folks will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

Marion Looker Hello, I really enjoyed your comments above. Keep up the excellent work ! Thanks Very Much.

Panasonic TZ20 Hi, i think that you should expand this site to camera testing. You would make a excellent camera tester

Sjove billeder Great blog here!

Damion Hegarty You have motivated me to take pictures in the rain

Kemberly Mintreas Thanks for making me aware of these neutral density filters

Erin Dauzat great pic

Judy Got it! Thanks

8th September 2011 Happy Birthday Peter Sellers

Peter Sellers Portrait recreation by Paul CopseyToday is Peter Sellers birthday, comic genious. Most people agree his best performances was as Chief Inspector Clouseau in The Pink Panther film series,  unless your name is Prince Charles in whcih case his best performances was as verious characters in the Goon Show. Either way he is one of my all time comic genius heroes, up there with Stan Laurel, Charlie Chaplin, Spike Milligan, Buster Keaton, Tommy Cooper and Karl Pilkington. 

Furthermore, and there’s more, Peter Sellers was photographed in 1963 by my all time favourite social photographer, Bill Brandt. The image that Bill took of Sellers has become View full post »

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Tera Sivic I visit your site every day now. Your site should be called “Free Photo Tips” or “Free Photo Training”. Thanks Tera

Chantel Chhoun Hah only difference was that in the original a broadsheet newpaper and yours was a tabloid. Anyway excellent

Paul Copsey Yes well I think the subject matter was better in the original, also his eyes were lit and I put mine in the shade for more mystery as my subject (which was me, a self portrait) has no mystery about him in real life :-)

LJ Images awsome post, awsome photo

Asparagus Nutrition I really your posts, well informed, but also entertaining!

Michelle Very nice Paul, i suggest setting up a forum on your site, so that us photographers can talk and communicate.

Paul Copsey Hi Michelle, this site has only just been set up so I dont think we have the visitor numbers as yet for a forum. Thanks for your interest. If … or when maybe … we get say 1,000 visitors a day then I will consider Cheers Paul

Garland Munce cool tri-X lives on

birthday wishes I agree with you Paul Copsey, fantastic post.

Antigua TT nice light, as you say, harsh, yes but good effect

Birgit Sisto Paul
Good photography tips

Rosina Mulvahill Hey! I am a Peter Sellers fan! a huge thumbs up for this post.

Arthur Caveness Paul you are as entertaining as PS himself

best photo scanner Hello there, simply continue using your fav old film like TRI-X then scan it to get the benfits of digital further processing. Best of both worlds. Cheers!

Paul Copsey Absolutely, I am with you on this one. Thanks Paul

Bono Creeatd the greatest articles, you have.

Marty entertaining post and picture!

7th September 2011 Jimbo

Pet PhotographyToday I am all alone in the studio with no one to go lunch with. Everyone is out doing something and my wife is having her hair done. BIG NOTE TO SELF – dont forget to comment on hair later. So decided to buy a sandwich to eat at a nearby beach with my boy, well he’s my dog but I call him my boy.

Took the camera along to take a picture of my boy, Jimbo and instantly remembered why he is so difficult to take a picture of. He is absolutely jet black.  The light has to be just right with this boy or you just get a View full post »

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Canon Camera Deals Love it and would love to feature you on our web site. Ok by you?

Paul Copsey Sure, as it says at the bottom of the page, you dont need permission to link to any of my pages. Please dont copy text or photos without my written permission though. Thanks Paul

baobao897 very good publish, i actually adore this website, carry on it

Brandy Ahhh cute … i want one … then I want to be able to take a nice picture of him

Jenay Hey, I never knew about the light for my dog photos. Kudos to you!

6th September 2011 Henri Cartier-Bresson

Street Scene at StationLong day at the studio today, 13 hours to be exact. Managed to grab 20 minutes between a quick meal and seeing a wedding client. Made my way down to our local train station and watched people poor off the 5:38 arrival. Not much inspired me so unfortunately my sunset light had now gone and I will have to increase the ISO. Waited for the 5:51 to see what unfolded.   Sometimes I like just watching people, is that just me or View full post »

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Camberos Great article. HCB is one of my heroes too

vimax very natural paul and just the way i like it

SteveG you just gained a new reader

TC Photos I could read your blogs for hours. great job!!! :)

Demetrius Barnette Hey! I just wanted to say you have a nice site :-). Me and my friends follow it we kinda like it. Cheers!

Dan hello

I will be celebrating my birthday on October 08th 2011, So I want your service on my birthday party photographer, i would like to know if you are available for the date.

Dan lawson


Paul Copsey Hi Dan, thanks very much and I have just sent you an email. Kind Regards Paul

5th September 2011 Phone Box in Decline

Phone Box In DeclineThis photo depicts a young lady on the phone no doubt to her boyfriend whilst another young lady waits her turn to use the phone. This scene is a thing of the past. Now days everyone has a mobile phone even school children. Gone are the days when you had to find the right change and then await your turn to use the pay box.

It was all a different world on this day in 1959 when the View full post »

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Ugg Boots i might have some boots for you to photograph. Keep up the good work!

P.Lann Thanks for posting, I like this blog!

godecy worce wow wow wow

Wilfred Kinn Oh paul you are surely the master of your craft

Matt Cutting I think you should put more images on your blog, but besides that, it is really great. Cheers.

Paul Copsey Matt, Thanks for your lovely comment but one photo of the day is all i can cope with :-)

Camera buy Info Bravo! Please allow me to express my satisfaction with your blog and your images

Mario hello there, great post, and a really good location for a photo! definitely one for my book marks.

Mitchell Awesome contribution

rebmoshe wonderful and I see from your camera page that you have a 5D so why didnt you use that SLR instead?

Paul Copsey Hi ya, My 5D’s are in use all the time but sometimes its just great to travel lighter. The G11 can go with my anywhere and everywhere. That can be an advantage. Also the G11 has a smaller sensor to get more in focus (greater depth of field) and it has a flip out screen which I used here as I placed the camera on the ground with a bush behind me. Flip out screens are really cool … now why doesnt a 5d have that ?

Kenelm Heck yeah this is so cool.