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3rd September 2011 Tin Man Self Portrait

Despite all the lovely modern technology available today, sometimes the old imperfect images of long ago cause me to stop and think, why?, maybe because they were handcrafted and unique. I am drawn to tintype photographs and so I have attempted to recreate one here using a modern camera and photoshop. Do I think I […]

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Dean Ecossade What is the difference between wet and dry plate, sorry dont understand

Paul Copsey Hi Dean, the wet plate process means you make the plate sensitive to light and then you need to expose the plate to light and develop it before the chemicals fully dry out. This means your dark room needs to be near your subject. The dry plate, which later became film as we know it, means it can be make it in a factory and use it many weeks or months later and then be developed at leisure.

JJ Images Spot on post. Always good to know a bit of history being the photos we take today

ksharews Love your self portrait photo here

Stella very clever . Thanks!

My Cameras

I am often asked what cameras I have so here you go … in order of image size, smallest first …. Canon IXUS 40 This is my happy snap ultra compact point and shoot. Being so very small it can fit into my jeans pocket with ease and go everywhere i go. When I climbed […]

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Elliott Hemeon Thanks for sharing info on your equipment. I am wondering Isolette vs Mamiya 7, is the Isolette as sharp as the Mamiya 7 ?

Paul Copsey Hi Elliott, Both these rangefinders are Leica sharp, If you take into account all the others features of a quality lens such as optical aberrations, ghosting etc then the Mamiya wins.
Both are Medium Format (120 film) and both are rangefinders … but both cameras are very different. The older Isolette is either a single coated lens or not coated at all, this gives a wonderful old lens flare. Furthermore, the Isoly is like having a Rolls Royce engine in a Volkswagen as the lens quality far exceeds the quality of the camera body. On the other hand the mamiya 7 is like having a Maserati engine in a Maserati. The advantage of the Isoly is that it folds and can fit easily into a jacket pocket. The advantage of the Mamiya 7 is that it has all the modern quality features such as a light meter. Both these rangefinders are whisper quiet and a joy to use.

hotshot bald cop Glorious blog!

guides in St.Petersburg I wanted to thanks for this great read!! I definitely having fun with every little little bit of it I would love to see some photos from your older cameras on this site

Paul Copsey Yes I still use these old lovelies from time to time (but I dont inetnd to show the photographs I have taken in the past) so stay tuned …..

Children Stuff Magnificent web site. A lot of helpful info here. I?m interested in tips on pregancy and baby photography.

Henry A Wow lots of cool camera info here. I like your writing style, its easy to read.

Marge thanks.a good artilce.

2nd September 2011 Great Fire of London

Today is the anniversary of the Great Fire of London in 1666. The fire consumed 13,200 houses, 87 parish churches, St. Paul’s Cathedral 70,000 homes of the City’s 80,000 inhabitants The death toll from the fire remains a mystery as only six verified deaths were recorded (6 Rich people of course). But of all the […]

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iteddyVes LOL good point Paul, Yes they got away with it in 1666 but it would not be politically correct today to burn down a city and release all that carbon !!!!

Dick Pypepoody Бежать впереди истории гораздо интереснее, чем описывать ее.

Paul Copsey Agreed Dick, I am doing my own thing in this blog and am not replicating/describing what other photographers are doing.

priolomeree Dont you think Paul that maybe no photos exist because film has not been invented till about the 1870’s ??

Paul Copsey Ahh you just making excuses for them now ,,,, :-)

Coulombe Hartness Hello there, You have explained this very welland I am going try it out. Cheers!

1st September 2011 Spring is Here

Spring is here! or at least it is where I live which is Brisbane in Australia, so happy first day of (southern hemisphere) spring. Today’s photo is an abstract view of the season of spring which needs the pun to be pardoned. Spring is here and that means

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Sanantonio Wedding Photographer LOL excellent!

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Armand Where is the facebook like link ?

Paul Copsey Hi Armand, I dont have a facebook page for this blog but for now please feel free to like my studio at

Matt Cutting Awsome post, Im now one of your feed followers

Scharer Ritchotte It’s actually a nice capture. Please stay us up to date like this as i would like to see a photo every day. Thanks for sharing.

taobao33 this post is fantastic haha i’m bookmarking your blog man

Roesing Definitely, happy spring and I like the background, very spring like