Fuji X50 may be the best ultra compact ever

fuji_x50Its not often I get excited at the rumour of a new camera but this one has stirred me up into a bit of a frenzy.

So here it is the yet to be announced Fuji X50

Why is it so different … well first of all it has a big brother called the Fuji X100 which, although it sells for an arm and a leg at $1,200, I think it deserves an accolade for the “best compact ever made ignoring the many bugs”. These bugs are well documented by testers such as here in dpreview which I will say stops me buying the camera for now until maybe version 2 when no doubt we will see resolutions. However, I can only believe that a world leading camera maker such as Fuji has now ironed out these teething troubles in time for the X50 launch.

So Why am I so excited?

Well for portraits and weddings of course it is never going to replace my Canon 5D’s, and for my personal photos I dont think it will even replace my fab Canon G11 , but for my family happy snaps, it will leave my old Canon IXUS 40 dead in the water.  Being an ultra compact it can go with me everywhere and this f/2 lens is to die for (I am going to presume here that it will be the same quality as the X100).  Other bonuses include HD movies and also a simple old fashioned design.  I love the old manual zoom which works much quicker, easier and more accurate than any motorised zoom. Lastly it has a fair price tag which is a major advantage over the X100. I guess the only question mark I have is that I want to know it exact physical size and weight or know if it qualifies as an ultra compact or simply a small compact.  I eagerly await the announcement from Fuji.

Small compact design – easy to carry
12 MP 2/3-inch sensor – Ok smaller sensor size than X100 but still larger than most ultra compact cameras
f/2 lens – 4 x zoom lens…f/2 at wide end yippee and manual old fashioned zoom a bonus
Optical view finder – NOT hybrid like x100
1080p HD movie recording – fantastic
X100 build quality – and hopefully minus the current bugs
Cool retro design!
All for $599 – Fair price for quality

A word of caution, if you are only allowing yourself one camera then, for a lot of situations,  it wont beat an advanced usual sized compact such as the Fuji X100 or Canon G12 but for me, I may just purchase on of these babies to replace my aging ultra compact Canon IXUS 40 which. alas after faithful service to duty over many years is going to the nackers yard


All of the above is my thoughts only which you may agree or disagree with. What do you think of this latest offering. I would love to know!


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SeanG Small sensor cameras simply do not appeal to me. May as well use the iPhone 4.

Paul Copsey Hi Sean, well yes but I know where you are coming from but I am not looking at this as a serious camera, I want it for happy snaps. Also sensor size much larger than iPhone and the lens is to die for . PS have a read here about my thoughts on using phones for happy snaps http://www.paulcopsey.com.au/happysnaps/what-makes-a-good-happy-snap-camera/

Chalean I will buy one; Its the camera for me

TS Images Looks like this is now known as the Fuji X10

Carajean That’s not just the best answer. It’s the besetst answer!

Hank Wow! Great thniknig! JK

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