What is a Happy Snap

I have been asked many times which camera someone to buy to take snaps of their family … so lets address this here.

Firstly What is a Happy Snap Photograph?

For me happy snaps are all about story telling. I think its important for us all to tell our stories in pictures. This will keep our memories alive and even these memories will be passed down the generations.

Vince Buys a BoatThe story of this snap is that my father-in-law Vince retires and the first thing he does is buys a boat to play with. My daughter, Rachel and dog, Jimbo decide they need to try the boat for size. So whilst this is not the most important story in the world, it shows a very small part of my life and something I wanted to capture to keep this memory alive.

Will this photo win any awards …. NO
Is this photo technically perfect …. NO (even cut my wife in half and cut Vince’s legs off)
Is this photo taken in the best light … NO (broad light makes my father-in-law look bigger)
Are the colours correct  …. NO (over saturated)
Is there a clear focal point  … NO (maybe confused if the photo is about my daughter or the boat or my dog etc).
Will this photo ever be hung up on my wall …. NO
Is this photo telling a story for me …. YES – Then it is a good snap and one I will keep.

What is the difference between a portrait and a snap Photograph?

Portraits are a little more difficult to achieve and certainly detailed knowledge of the craft of photography definitely an huge advantage. Portraits can convey texture and form and often human emotion or mood, a bit like seeing into one’s sole or personality. Portraits are often taken with artistic flair with a clear focal point to enable the result to be displayed in pride of place in the home as something to behold and be proud of. A snap on the other hand only needs to tell a story, no matter how small and insignificant that story is. A portrait will be more likely be treasured and will become quite iconic for the family over the course of time.

Paul Portrait or SnapTo the left is a photograph I took of myself using a snap camera on timer. If it is considered a snap then the story is of myself waiting for my friend Peter to join me down the pub for a drink, if it is a portrait then it conveys mood, feeling and/or form and texture.  So what is it? You decide.


Who can take snap photos?

Anyone ! No photographic previous experience required. Just point the camera and shoot. If the result tells the story of that moment in time, then it is a successful image and will help preserve your memory.

The Importance of Snap Photographs?

Hillman Imp Rust BucketTake a look at the old snap photo (left), it shows me in my first car many years ago, What a rubbish car that was! But when I look at this photo I remember all the fun times I had in this car. I laugh to think I paid 30 UK pounds (about $40) for this rust bucket and this photo helps me to remember all the fun I had.

The point is that snaps are of the highest importance to us humans and even more so when the happy snap ages. Happy snaps keeps our memories alive!

 If you want to know what makes a good Happy Snap Camera click here


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