4th September 2011 Fathers Day

Fathers DayIts fathers day here in Brisbane Australia so lets wish a happy fathers day to all dads around the world.

Here is a picture of an Aussie father, my brother-in-law Andrew. Ok, it shows a father on fathers day but a photo is about story telling and this ordinary image tells a story of typical View full post »

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Jerome Shields are you sure he is aussie? he doesnt have a beer in his hand

Paul Copsey haha ok a good “social documentary” point you make Jerome

Hosea Leiding Thanks good point you make and I will remember that when taking photos next

Jeremy Klepper WOW, Never thought that before. Thanks for opening my eyes to some new photo possibilities

Lexine Alright alright alright I should have taken a photo of my dad !!!!

3rd September 2011 Tin Man Self Portrait

Tin PlateDespite all the lovely modern technology available today, sometimes the old imperfect images of long ago cause me to stop and think, why?, maybe because they were handcrafted and unique. I am drawn to tintype photographs and so I have attempted to recreate one here using a modern camera and photoshop. Do I think I have succeeded? … NO, i dont think so … There is no View full post »

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Dean Ecossade What is the difference between wet and dry plate, sorry dont understand

Paul Copsey Hi Dean, the wet plate process means you make the plate sensitive to light and then you need to expose the plate to light and develop it before the chemicals fully dry out. This means your dark room needs to be near your subject. The dry plate, which later became film as we know it, means it can be make it in a factory and use it many weeks or months later and then be developed at leisure.

JJ Images Spot on post. Always good to know a bit of history being the photos we take today

ksharews Love your self portrait photo here

Stella very clever . Thanks!

My Cameras

I am often asked what cameras I have so here you go …

in order of image size, smallest first ….

Canon IXUS 40
This is my happy snap ultra compact point and shoot. Being so very small it can fit into my jeans pocket with ease and go everywhere i go. When I climbed Mt Beerwah, it was this camera I took as it was so light and portable. I also have a waterproof case for it so that I can use it in the pool and sea.  It is mostly used to record View full post »

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Elliott Hemeon Thanks for sharing info on your equipment. I am wondering Isolette vs Mamiya 7, is the Isolette as sharp as the Mamiya 7 ?

Paul Copsey Hi Elliott, Both these rangefinders are Leica sharp, If you take into account all the others features of a quality lens such as optical aberrations, ghosting etc then the Mamiya wins.
Both are Medium Format (120 film) and both are rangefinders … but both cameras are very different. The older Isolette is either a single coated lens or not coated at all, this gives a wonderful old lens flare. Furthermore, the Isoly is like having a Rolls Royce engine in a Volkswagen as the lens quality far exceeds the quality of the camera body. On the other hand the mamiya 7 is like having a Maserati engine in a Maserati. The advantage of the Isoly is that it folds and can fit easily into a jacket pocket. The advantage of the Mamiya 7 is that it has all the modern quality features such as a light meter. Both these rangefinders are whisper quiet and a joy to use.

hotshot bald cop Glorious blog!

guides in St.Petersburg I wanted to thanks for this great read!! I definitely having fun with every little little bit of it I would love to see some photos from your older cameras on this site

Paul Copsey Yes I still use these old lovelies from time to time (but I dont inetnd to show the photographs I have taken in the past) so stay tuned …..

Children Stuff Magnificent web site. A lot of helpful info here. I?m interested in tips on pregancy and baby photography.

Henry A Wow lots of cool camera info here. I like your writing style, its easy to read.

Marge thanks.a good artilce.

2nd September 2011 Great Fire of London

How to Photograph FireToday is the anniversary of the Great Fire of London in 1666. The fire consumed 13,200 houses, 87 parish churches, St. Paul’s Cathedral 70,000 homes of the City’s 80,000 inhabitants The death toll from the fire remains a mystery as only six verified deaths were recorded (6 Rich people of course). But of all the facts about the great fire, the only fact that puzzles me is that no photographs exist of the great fire and I think I know why. View full post »

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iteddyVes LOL good point Paul, Yes they got away with it in 1666 but it would not be politically correct today to burn down a city and release all that carbon !!!!

Dick Pypepoody Бежать впереди истории гораздо интереснее, чем описывать ее.

Paul Copsey Agreed Dick, I am doing my own thing in this blog and am not replicating/describing what other photographers are doing.

priolomeree Dont you think Paul that maybe no photos exist because film has not been invented till about the 1870’s ??

Paul Copsey Ahh you just making excuses for them now ,,,, :-)

Coulombe Hartness Hello there, You have explained this very welland I am going try it out. Cheers!

1st September 2011 Spring is Here

Spring is Here Spring is here! or at least it is where I live which is Brisbane in Australia, so happy first day of (southern hemisphere) spring.

Today’s photo is an abstract view of the season of spring which needs the pun to be pardoned.

Spring is here and that means View full post »

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Sanantonio Wedding Photographer LOL excellent!

zynga poker chips Excellent blog! but a bouncing kangaroo would have been better to depict spring :))

Black Widow Darts I just wanted to say this really is an awesome photo blog, thanks with the post!

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Oolong Tea No BS and well written, thank you for the post

Banana Nutrition I found your blog on bing. I think it’s pretty good.

Armand Where is the facebook like link ?

Paul Copsey Hi Armand, I dont have a facebook page for this blog but for now please feel free to like my studio at http://www.facebook.com/studiosw19

Matt Cutting Awsome post, Im now one of your feed followers

Scharer Ritchotte It’s actually a nice capture. Please stay us up to date like this as i would like to see a photo every day. Thanks for sharing.

taobao33 this post is fantastic haha i’m bookmarking your blog man

Roesing Definitely, happy spring and I like the background, very spring like

Wednesday 31st August 2011 RIP Diana

RIP Diana Princess of WalesFourteen years ago to this day, Princess Diana lost her life in a car crash in Paris.  The world mourned this loss like no other. Her beauty was adored by View full post »

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Kris Could not have said better myself. Love Marios work too

David Avery RIP Diana x

Solar Hot Water Brisbane Hello Paul! I want to say that this post is excellent, great writing about Dianas portraits, more posts like this please :-)

tontek65 awesome photo representing Diana, thanks

facebookpoker 14 years ago and it seams like just yesterday

x pole Cool pic. Cheers!

Braun I like the photographic information you supply on your articles. I will bookmark your blog and take a look at again right here regularly. Good luck for the next!

Electric Toothbrushes Magnificent web site

Tuesday 30th August 2011 Baby Portraits

Baby PortraitTook countless photos of this lovely three week old baby and this is the one that makes me smile. Of course its up to her Mum and Dad what goes on their wall and I am not thinking for one moment it will be this one, but its like the baby is saying “ok I am bored with photos now, where’s my milk”.

Very View full post »

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Melinda Schwenke I would be proud to have it on my wall, if the baby was mine that is!

phenphedrine reviews This was some interesting stuff. Posting to facebook :)

Edwardsons quirky is what i would call this baby photo. bravo for quirky

Sang Superb article, stylish baby portrait, carry on the good work

xiaorr Here! Here! very good

xiaorr456 Enjoyed reading this, very good stuff, regards .

Monday 29th August 2011 Sunset Portraits

Sunset PortraitsAfter a week of London style weather it was nice to welcome a  good old Queensland Sunny day …. and with it too came a dramatic sunset.

I do love my View full post »

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Merri Egizi Like the feel of this, you have captured the mood well (I am a designer so feel qualified to say :-))

Paul Copsey Thank you Merri !!!

computer repairs gold coast Love this sunset pic, you simply won a new reader.

Greg Dries Hi Paul

Good seeing you as well, beautiful images….. love the warmth of the images ….cheers greg

Paul Copsey Thanks Greg, see you at Shorncliffe again no doubt soon. All the best for now Paul

Helen Marsh Wow Paul…what an awesome image! Captured the sunset & clouds perfectly. Love it!

Ethanael I came, I read this aritcle, I conquered.

Yancy Heck of a job there,

Fuji X50 may be the best ultra compact ever

fuji_x50Its not often I get excited at the rumour of a new camera but this one has stirred me up into a bit of a frenzy.

So here it is the yet to be announced Fuji X50

Why is it so different … well first of all it has a big brother called the Fuji X100 which, although it sells for an arm and a leg at $1,200, I think it deserves an View full post »

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SeanG Small sensor cameras simply do not appeal to me. May as well use the iPhone 4.

Paul Copsey Hi Sean, well yes but I know where you are coming from but I am not looking at this as a serious camera, I want it for happy snaps. Also sensor size much larger than iPhone and the lens is to die for . PS have a read here about my thoughts on using phones for happy snaps http://www.paulcopsey.com.au/happysnaps/what-makes-a-good-happy-snap-camera/

Chalean I will buy one; Its the camera for me

TS Images Looks like this is now known as the Fuji X10

Carajean That’s not just the best answer. It’s the besetst answer!

Hank Wow! Great thniknig! JK

Sunday 28th August 2011 Now and Then

Now and Then ThumbnailTook a photo of the kids today and compared it to the same photo I took only 2 years ago.

Just goes to show how View full post »

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Peter Lovely record of how your girls are growing Paul. Havnt seen you lately at bcg, must catch up soon.

Paul Copsey Thanks Peter and yes sorry been busy taking photos :-) but hope to attend next digi meet Cheers Paul

Marion How amazing!! You would hardly think they are the same two girls…
Imagine what they will be like in another 10 years!! You will be beating the boys away with sticks! Or you will have migrated to Antarctica or some other equally remote, unpopulated spot….

Paul Copsey Thanks Marion. I have tolf them already that the proper age for boyfriends is 35 !!!! See you soon PP

Wideofilmowanie I discovered your blog and love you unique down to earth approach. I have subscribed to your RSS feed. Looking forward to reading more from you later on!…

kamerzysta I enjoy reading that post!

TS Images Now and Then … what I cool idea

Saturday 27th August 2011 Fun in The Rain

Wow what a day, Rain, Rain and more Rain so enough to make you feel miserable right? Well wrong ! Here is my photo of the day and shows our wonderful bride and groom today having View full post »

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Art It is really a nice. Thank you for sharing.

Sanantonio Wedding Photographer Great photo showing fun. Can I ask? It does not look to me that this photo needs to be photoshopped so are you going to leave it as is?

Paul Copsey Thanks! i will see how I feel when ths wedding gets to post production but maybe the only thing i may change is the yellow boat light in the background whcih i might make the same background colour to blend it in.

Ryan Brenizer — NYC Wedding Photographer Hi Paul agree its a lovely unique image, you dont mind showing photos straight from the camera then?

Paul Copsey Hi Ryan, Yes i dont mind, infact I do it all the time. Our brides and grooms pick their (untouched) Favs from all the pictures we take on their day and then I will visit each image to see what magic we will perform. The photos are only fully worked when we go to print either in the album or wall print. Hope you are missing the Hurricane, stay safe! Paul

Helen Marsh This pic tells a beautiful story!!

FH looks like great fun, great pic too

Loradae enjoyable read and fun pic

Emeline Super excited to see more of your wedding photos

Friday 26th August 2011 Light Through the Dark

Light Through Dark. A Message of Hope.Spent all of today with clients or in front of the computer so come 4.00pm my trigger finger was eagerly looking for a shutter release button. I walked down to the water View full post »

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Peter Hi Paul, i thought you went out when the sky turned black?

Paul Copsey Hi Peter, yes the sky had just turned black to my eye but the camera can still pick up some colour with a very slow shutter speed (3.5 seconds for this photo). It also helps to point the camera more or less in the direction of where the sun set and also light pollution from the town helps.

Elizabeth A We had a similar sky to this in North Wales last night….it was a definite blue/black colour. It was even more spectacular when a double rainbow appeared!

Peter Ok thanks paul but did you photoshop any colours in, or saturate colours?

Paul Copsey No photoshop changes what so ever, well apart from straight conversion from RAW to web quality JPG. The ground colour has a green tint and this is from the sodium street lights. If I finished this photo to make print ready then I would darken the ground a little, darken the tree trunk and maybe remove power lines but no time right now as just getting ready to photograph a wedding. Hope camera club is going well. All the best Paul

Paul Copsey Wow sounds lovely Liz. There is nothing better than God’s creations :-)

Peter Very impressive that this is stright from the camera paul. Can you provide the Tech EXIF data please?

Paul Copsey Canon G11 on carbon tripod (yes only carbon will do as I am not a Russian Shotputter)
f/3.5 – Shame the G11 lens is not f/2.8 throughout or I would have used it
3.5 secs shutter speed – i just guessed this and was pretty much ok
ISO 100
Camera on timer as I have no cable – wonder if you can but a shutter release cable for the G11??
Wait for a gap in the cars as their headlights would have caused overexposure
Most off all, wait for the correct time to take this photo – about 35 mins after sunset this time of year in Brisbane

Thursday 25th August 2011 A Photo for The Elders in Mapoon

HC&MS Button Front LoResToday I took some photographs of a very old button for Mary-Jean who is a PhD Candidate at the University of Queensland.
View full post »

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Chandelier Cleaning An impressive share, I just given this onto a colleague who was doing a little analysis on this. I feel strongly about it and love reading more on this topic. If possible, as you become expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more details? It is highly helpful for me. Big thumb up for this blog post!

Peter Paul, Just curious, what camera did you use or this Macro? Peter

Paul Copsey Hi Peter, I used a Canon G11 which has a lovely shallow DoF (depth of Field). The issue was more the lighting in order to see the inscriptions. Broad light was not good and in the end I used window light at a 45 degree angle. Rgds Paul

San Antonio Wedding Photographer Hey firstly not a bad post. I am not surely i entirely agree with this point of view. I would like to hear all the information

Paul Copsey Yes this is my own guess. The facts need to be discovered. How interesting eh!

Esme Hi, this is a well written post. Please continue the amazingly good posts.

Gregory Despain Hey There. I found your blog using msn. This is a really well written article. I’ll be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. I’ll certainly return.

electric toothbrushes absolutely lovely !!!!!!!!!

Wideofilmowanie Thanks!…

antecreni Love all of your phtots of the day. Bruce

What Makes a Good Happy Snap Camera

The qualities of a good snap camera?

If it is going to be your sole camera then you need to think about each situation it needs to function for. I have the luxury of currently owning many cameras so I can select the best tool for the best job, however, many people want just one camera, in which case I would look to a quality compact with a View full post »

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Janae Touchdown! That’s a rlelay cool way of putting it!

What is a Happy Snap

I have been asked many times which camera someone to buy to take snaps of their family … so lets address this here.

Firstly What is a Happy Snap Photograph?

For me happy snaps are all about story telling. I think its important for us all to tell our stories in pictures. This will keep our memories alive View full post »

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Photo Club This page had a lot of interesting information on it. You are always providing great content! Keep it up!

Dorie Great post with lots of improtnat stuff.

Tracen Awesome thanks!

What is this Blog about?

hi ya and welcome to my daily photography blog.  My name is Paul Copsey and I am a full time professional photographer located in Brisbane, Australia.

This is my personal blog and not my studio site which can be located at  Studio SW19. Full contact details can be found on this web site.

Of course on a given day,  I can take up to a thousand photos or more for my clients which I dearly love, but in addition to this I challenge myself daily to take photos just for me to enjoy and just to satisfy my love of photography. One of these photographs gets to be shown here on a daily basis.

The photos are shown here are sometimes taken for paying clients , but mostly the images I show here are taken by me and for me and just for the fun of it. In the process I hope to always stay sharp and to extend myself  in the skill of photography.

If you get something from this blog then thats great. After a week of posting,  a hand full of people are watching this blog via RSS feed and I guess I get a buzz from knowing people are interested in my images and tips.

I get my inspiration to make an image from family and friends and world events and news, past and present. I allocate myself an image to make every day.  Sometimes I look for an image to present its self to me, photojournalism style and sometimes I make photo happen.

I will enjoy the journey this blog takes me and I hope you will enjoy it too.

I would love to hear any comments you have so feel free to use the comment box located on every page.

Kind Regards and Happy Snapping
Paul Copsey – Brisbane Photographer

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Stephen Thanks for using the time and effort to write something so interesting.

Paul Copsey Thanks Stephen, glad you like it