Saturday 27th August 2011 Fun in The Rain

Wow what a day, Rain, Rain and more Rain so enough to make you feel miserable right? Well wrong ! Here is my photo of the day and shows our wonderful bride and groom today having a fab time.  Just shows you that you can have fun in the rain!

The background looks a bit monochrome which is due to the heavy rain. I have taken photos on this balcony before where I have later changed the appearance of the background in photoshop to be similar to this. How ironic!

What I also like about this picture is show the Bride is in control taking her groom by the tie … hehe … nice one !  The light falling on her and the in camera framing also makes sure that all attention is on the bride. So I am very happy with this image.

Tech stuff
Canon 5D MkII
70 – 200 Lens
1/500 sec
ISO 800
Great big umbrella over the bride and groom
No post production (photoshop changes) . Straight from the camera


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Art It is really a nice. Thank you for sharing.

Sanantonio Wedding Photographer Great photo showing fun. Can I ask? It does not look to me that this photo needs to be photoshopped so are you going to leave it as is?

Paul Copsey Thanks! i will see how I feel when ths wedding gets to post production but maybe the only thing i may change is the yellow boat light in the background whcih i might make the same background colour to blend it in.

Ryan Brenizer — NYC Wedding Photographer Hi Paul agree its a lovely unique image, you dont mind showing photos straight from the camera then?

Paul Copsey Hi Ryan, Yes i dont mind, infact I do it all the time. Our brides and grooms pick their (untouched) Favs from all the pictures we take on their day and then I will visit each image to see what magic we will perform. The photos are only fully worked when we go to print either in the album or wall print. Hope you are missing the Hurricane, stay safe! Paul

Helen Marsh This pic tells a beautiful story!!

FH looks like great fun, great pic too

Loradae enjoyable read and fun pic

Emeline Super excited to see more of your wedding photos

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