Wednesday 31st August 2011 RIP Diana

RIP Diana Princess of WalesFourteen years ago to this day, Princess Diana lost her life in a car crash in Paris.  The world mourned this loss like no other. Her beauty was adored by the whole world.

At the time Diana could be considered the most famous person on the planet her photos appeared in newspapers and magazines almost on a daily basis. She was surely the most photographed person in the world.

However out of the many hundreds of thousands (maybe a million) photographs taken of Diana, only a few have stood the test of time and the best of these have been taken by her personal portrait photographer Mario Testino.  The portraits made by Mario are in a class of their own.  Take a look at Mario’s images Here.

Mario Testino really has highlighted to us all that a few fine portraits can outlast many snaps. Its only the fine portraits that become iconic images to either a person, a family or indeed the whole world.

Love your work Mario, you are a legend and Rest in Peace Diana, you are much missed.

Tech Stuff
Canon 5D (selected for its full frame sensor for shallow DoF to provide out of focus foreground and background)
f/2.8 – for further shallow DoF
Morning first light – for warmth
Special thanks to Rachel and Kate for loan of the tiara and Sandgate foreshore in Brisbane, Australia for providing the wild flowers
More info on portraits and happy snaps Here.

RIP Diana Princess of Wales

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Kris Could not have said better myself. Love Marios work too

David Avery RIP Diana x

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tontek65 awesome photo representing Diana, thanks

facebookpoker 14 years ago and it seams like just yesterday

x pole Cool pic. Cheers!

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