Tuesday 30th August 2011 Baby Portraits

Baby PortraitTook countless photos of this lovely three week old baby and this is the one that makes me smile. Of course its up to her Mum and Dad what goes on their wall and I am not thinking for one moment it will be this one, but its like the baby is saying “ok I am bored with photos now, where’s my milk”.

Very amusing.

But the serious side to all these baby portraits is that they grow up so incredibly fast and like my two girls, they go to school before you know what has happened to the time.

I tend to find a lot of parents will be focused on whether their baby could handle the photography session and if so can really obtain the best photograph their baby. I would rather parents don’t have to think about these issues as it can be left to us photographers.

Every baby photo session is different yielding very different results and this makes it so unique. But when you throw into the pot the expertise of the  baby photographer  in motivating babies, the result will always get the best shots of baby.

So parents just relax and see what happens during the photo session. You may be surprised, indeed you will be delighted. The only thing we can say is that each session is unique. Some creations like this one may make you smile while others make you cry with joy, and some creations are simply there to be cherished for the rest of your lives to become family heirlooms.

Tech Stuff
Canon 5d MKII
Two studio strobes one with soft box and one bounced off ceiling set up in a way to give soft wrap around lighting almost 1:1 lighting ratio


Baby Portrait

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Melinda Schwenke I would be proud to have it on my wall, if the baby was mine that is!

phenphedrine reviews This was some interesting stuff. Posting to facebook :)

Edwardsons quirky is what i would call this baby photo. bravo for quirky

Sang Superb article, stylish baby portrait, carry on the good work

xiaorr Here! Here! very good

xiaorr456 Enjoyed reading this, very good stuff, regards .

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