4th September 2011 Fathers Day

Fathers DayIts fathers day here in Brisbane Australia so lets wish a happy fathers day to all dads around the world.

Here is a picture of an Aussie father, my brother-in-law Andrew. Ok, it shows a father on fathers day but a photo is about story telling and this ordinary image tells a story of typical Aussie life; an Aussie male ( in shorts and bare feet of course) attending to his barbecue on his back deck. How Aussie eh. The point is each photo of every day life is its own mini social documentary.

Its easy to take for granted, but when we take a photo of our ordinary day to day life, Future generations could pick up that photo and read into it of how how we used to live. They may ask of this photo Why in our era was it largely the man’s domain to cook food on an outside BBQ?

Thats social documentary for you.

So the morale of my message today is, dont just take family photos of the unusual events in your life like going to Disneyland, but also take photos of the everyday ordinary aspects of life no matter how small and insignificant it seams at the time. You will be surprised how much you will value these images in the future.

Who is the best social documentary photographer ever? For me, this accolade goes to Bill Brandt. Take a look at some of his wonderful images here. I am full of admiration and respect with the artistic talent and story capture that Bill Brandt has shown in his social documentary images and i dont think I will ever get tired of studying his images. Take a look at the following link of one of Bill’s prints that sold for $3585 of a young housewife scrubbing her front door step in Bethnal Green London,  Christies of London.

Tech Stuff
Canon G11
Natural light only
1/30 Sec
ISO 400
Fathers Day

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Jerome Shields are you sure he is aussie? he doesnt have a beer in his hand

Paul Copsey haha ok a good “social documentary” point you make Jerome

Hosea Leiding Thanks good point you make and I will remember that when taking photos next

Jeremy Klepper WOW, Never thought that before. Thanks for opening my eyes to some new photo possibilities

Lexine Alright alright alright I should have taken a photo of my dad !!!!

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