5th September 2011 Phone Box in Decline

Phone Box In DeclineThis photo depicts a young lady on the phone no doubt to her boyfriend whilst another young lady waits her turn to use the phone. This scene is a thing of the past. Now days everyone has a mobile phone even school children. Gone are the days when you had to find the right change and then await your turn to use the pay box.

It was all a different world on this day in 1959 when the first trunk call was made between 2 cities from a phone box. Today the phone boxes are hardly used and even the phone box that stood outside my studio in Brisbane Australia has been removed due to lack of use.

Shows you how quickly the world changes. The other thing that changes all too quickly is how quickly my children grow up. Perhaps that why I took them to a remaining  phone box for this photo shoot today before the kids get an older and before this phone box is removed.  I ended up with a satisfying 16 photos that I will cherish and no body disturbed us during the photo shoot as there is no demand for the phone!

Tech Stuff
Canon G11
f/8 – Selected so both kids were in focus
1/25 Sec
Manually exposed off the sky to reduce back light blooming
Flash manually set to 1/4 power
Camera positioned on the floor to make the kids look taller and older (they are only 4 & 5 years old)
In Photoshop turned into high contrast B&W and then toned to give an old fashioned feel
My thanks to Telstra for supplying today’s photo shoot location

Phone Box In Decline

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Ugg Boots i might have some boots for you to photograph. Keep up the good work!

P.Lann Thanks for posting, I like this blog!

godecy worce wow wow wow

Wilfred Kinn Oh paul you are surely the master of your craft

Matt Cutting I think you should put more images on your blog, but besides that, it is really great. Cheers.

Paul Copsey Matt, Thanks for your lovely comment but one photo of the day is all i can cope with :-)

Camera buy Info Bravo! Please allow me to express my satisfaction with your blog and your images

Mario hello there, great post, and a really good location for a photo! definitely one for my book marks.

Mitchell Awesome contribution

rebmoshe wonderful and I see from your camera page that you have a 5D so why didnt you use that SLR instead?

Paul Copsey Hi ya, My 5D’s are in use all the time but sometimes its just great to travel lighter. The G11 can go with my anywhere and everywhere. That can be an advantage. Also the G11 has a smaller sensor to get more in focus (greater depth of field) and it has a flip out screen which I used here as I placed the camera on the ground with a bush behind me. Flip out screens are really cool … now why doesnt a 5d have that ?

Kenelm Heck yeah this is so cool.

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