16th September 2011 Half Silhouette

Half SilhouetteToday’s subject, a couple in Love. How nice is that. It was also a great opportunity to xreate a Silhouette shooting straight into the sun.

A word of warning before we continue …. NEVER try this at home. NEVER shoot straight into the sun without proper training and guidance. Blindness is not worth getting a perfect silhouette for. It also goes against the good training that was drummed into me on my first wedding photography course many years ago. But rules, whilst they represent excellent common sense, are just made to be broken sometimes and this was one such occasion.

Instaed of a full Silhouette, today we rendered the image as a half Silhouette maning the camera was set up for the domanent back light, In this instance the setting sun, and a flash on minimum power just puffed in some light to turn it into a half Silhouette.

Why Do this? because it is very natural. If you were there tonight, this is exactly as your eye would view it. The flash has not overpowered the image and it has not even correctly exposed our subject, its just puffed some light back to make this natural shot.

Hope you like it. What do you think? has it worked?

Tech Stuff
Canon 5D MKII
1/5000 sec
ISO 100
Flash on manual power and zoom adjusted to look correct
My earlier post on Silhouettes Here.

 Half Silhouette

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