10th September 2011 Kids Birthday Party

Kids Birthday Party PhotographyNo weddings booked today, how unusual for a Saturday in September, but a kids birthday party instead.

Here is the birthday girl with her good friend. I like this photo because I think it shows what good fun kids parties are.


Here are my tips on how to photograph a kids birthday party

  1. Birthday parties are good fun and so the way to take birthday party photographs is to be good fun yourself. If the kids think you are good fun then that’s all that matters as you will get the most from them
  2. Select a small camera. Yes put away the oversize brick like 1ds or D3 and take the smallest camera you can. This will enable you to stay nimble on your feet and run around after the action without fear of causing concussion to a child. Also children are not intimidated with a small camera.
  3. Dont just stand there! Run with the kids and be playful. Show them their own photo on the back of the camera and involve them with your picture taking. Thats the only way I was able to get this image, not by being a spectator on the sideline, but by making it obvious what I was up to.  Shy kids need more work so be more patient with them and take a quick candid photo to show them how good they look. Gain their confidence and you will get the best photos of them later on.
  4. Get on your knees, not to pray, but to be the same level as the children. The most common mistake made whilst photographing children is that the adult photographer stands up and looks down on the children. Not nice as you are rendering the subject (the kids) are insignificant and unimportant. Break this rule with care, well, as in this photo here actually.

Tech Stuff
Canon G11
Aperture Priority f/8
ISO 200
Focused by camera facial recognition (works well thanks Canon)


Kids Birthday Party Photography

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Jae Chisnall excellent fun picture. i will remember what you say about getting down to their level. thanks

Scott Vansyckle what splendid tips in your posts paul, Have an awsome day!

Helen Marsh Awesome shot Paul. I totally agree I find involving the kids & showing the image in camera on the back a real winner! Enjoying your blog…keep them coming!

Madge Dermady This actually answered my problem, thanks!

Marion Great shot! Their eyes are stunning!

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