12th September 2011 Photograph Flowers

Flower PhotographyToday was a dull overcast day which in my opinion is a great day to photograph flowers. The gray clouds is natures own softbox lighting source and takes away the harsh direct sunlight that makes flowers  look, well harsh!

I got out in the back garden and saw the colour coming of these wild flowers. Wow fantastic, all I wanted to do was to photograph the colour!

Here are my top tips on Photographing Flowers in your garden.

  1. Pick a dull day. Much better lighting than direct sunlight hitting the delicate flower and/or direct sunlight illuminating the background. If the light looks too flat, then get out a pocket torch and light up part of the flower. The pocket torch (or flash light) is a spot light with a lovely soft graduation of light around the edges, perfect for flowers. You can also very the light intensity by moving the light nearer or away from the flower.
  2. Use a tripod as the closer you get, the more any camera movement is exaggerated. A Tripod will keep the camera still and also keeps you hands free for holding the torch.  You can also put the camera on timer to ensure you do not jog the camera whilst pressing the shutter release.
  3. Pick a breeze free day. You cant easily shield flowers from any wind. This never works as flowers are so delicate they flow in the breeze all too easily.
  4. For wildflowers, pick a flower that is not absolutely perfect and that way you render the wildflower as wild:-)and for garden flowers such as Roses, pick one that is perfect and symmetrical.

Tech Stuff
Canon G11
Manual Exposure on f/8
1/30 Sec
ISO 80
Torch to light up nearside of flower. Torch held under flower.
Flower Photography

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TFj Thanks for very informative website.

Marion The use of the torch gives that extra Zing! Lovely!

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