14th September 2011 Sunrise over Flinders Parade

Flinders Parade when a sunrise is not a sunriseSuch unusual bold colours coming from my image here. Lovely reflections on the water, I should call this photo, “when a sunrise is not a sunrise” Can you guess what time of day this was taken (Sunrise today was 5.47am) so any guesses?

The answer is of course at 8.25PM or about 3 hours after sunset. The reason being of course that this is not a sunrise at all but an overexposed moon taken just 2 days after the full moon when it glows a red colour. Later into the evening the red colour fades and overexposing the moon renders it almost like the sun, but the difference being the moonlight does not bleach colour like we are used to from our harsh sun.

The sky and water are therefore wonderfully and delicately lit by the moon whilst the tree, grass and sign are dimly lit by a street light which is a sodium bulb giving off a color cast which appears natural on trees but a little strange on the grass and concrete pavement.

For this exposure I was forced to use f/3.5 as the camera, a Canon G11, has no B (Bulb) shutter or time mode for longer exposures; 15 seconds is its limit.  What a shame Canon. I would have preferred to use f/8 and get the tree more in focus but was forced to use f/3.5 and so forced to render the street sign sharper than the tree.

Tech Stuff
Canon G11 (but alas I should have used a SLR with this image)
f/3.5 (would rather have used f/8)
15 Seconds exposure (sadly the slowest exposure the G11 can do)
ISO 200
Manual focus at 1 meter behind the sign to get the tree less soft)
Tripod of course

Flinders Parade when a sunrise is not a sunrise


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