15th September 2011 Better than Disneyland

Dad and Girls at Dangerous BeachWhat’s better than taking pictures of your family at Disneyland? the answer is of course taking pictures of your everyday life.

I have said it before, but many families will associate going on holiday with a need to take photos to remember it by. Thats great and when I am on holiday I take photos like they are going out of fashion. The problem is that it is all too easy to overlook a need of taking photos of your everyday life.

Here is my “Easy as A,B,C” guide how to do it

  1. Get a small camera. Yes real small and in fact small enough to fit easily in your pocket. My smallest camera is a old Canon IXUS 40 and whilst being about 7 years or so old, it still takes photos MANY times better than the latest Apple iPhone or Andriod whatever.  PS Did I tell you than phones make lousy cameras? Read more on why here. 
  2. Now that you have a camera so small and light, you can take it anywhere right?
  3. These tiny point and shoot usually do not have manual settings, good, be content with fully automatic mode.
  4. Shoot from the hip. For the photo presented here, I simply pointed the camera in more or less the right direction without looking through the viewfinder or at the LCD screen, and shot the scene. No rocket science what so ever. better still, if you are not detected taking the photo.  This photo has captured what me and my girls do all the time, walk down to a beach well call “Dangerous Beach”. Excellent!
  5. Recognise the limitations of shooting this way. You are not going to end up with a magnificent portrait to hang on the wall and be proud of for the rest of your life using this method. You are not going to even have a well composed picture with artistic flair, but you will have captured “what you do”.  Revisit such photos in 10 years time and you will be surprised how much they mean to you.  Happy shooting!

Now photography scholars amongst us may be keen to point out to me that I have got my own shadow in the photo and the horizon is not straight.  LOL, but you have missed the point.

Tech Stuff
Canon IXUS 40
Fully automatic settings
Shot from the hip without looking … looking is cheating!

Dad and Girls at Dangerous Beach

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