18th September 2011 Red and Blue Above Green Below

Red and Blue Sky and Green GrassI have a love of natures colours. Just look at all the colours here. Basically a Red and Blue Sky and Green Grass but actually when we examine these natures colours we find something much more complex. In the sky here are not just 2 colours but actually millions of colours, amazing hues, luminosities and gradients of colours. That’s nature and that’s truly wonderful.

What more is there to say? Well only that our wonderful bride and groom today will be able to enjoy the wonder that nature has provided as through the amazing colours were  arranged especially just for their wedding photographs.


Tech Stuff
Canon 5D MKII
1/50 sec
ISO 400
1 strobe to back light and I to front light
See my earlier post on Wedding Photography

Red and Blue Sky and Green Grass

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