19th September 2011 Big W Photoshoot

BIGW PhotoshootKids are off school, wife complaining that I have spent no time with them all weekend due to photographing two weddings, so decided I would have the morning off and take some pictures of them.

So I asked my 6 year old where we should have photos taken and she replied “Big W”.  For those outside Australia this store chain is named after F.W. Woolworths, the original American dime store and is still alive and kicking today in Brisbane Australia.  Had he been alive today, I think Mr Frank Winfield Woolworth would be best pleased with today’s photo shoot location.

So the scene was set and I allowed the kids free reign to go and do what they pleased in the store. A good strategy as we now have a dozen photographs that I am best pleased with.  This image here makes me laugh as Rachel is busy studying the different chocolates whilst her younger sister, Kate, is bored with this isle so she has decided to have a dance. Even though I am there taking photos, I am totally ignored by both of them, excellent!

For this photo, I could see the movement in Kate so I selected a slower shutter and placed the camera on a supermarket shelf using it as a tripod. I could not see through the viewfinder so I just zoomed out and pointed it in the right direction, Shoot from the hip in other words. Later I cropped the photo.

Teach Stuff
Canon G11
1/6 sec
ISO 400
Camera held on supermarket shelf as very slow shutter
Shot from the hip without looking … looking is cheating!
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BIGW Photoshoot

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