21st September 2011 Organised Chaos

Organised ChaosToday I spent on my graphics tablet in my production room at the studio so I thought i would take a picture of it.

You would never know it to look at this photo, but I am the fussiest person I know when it comes to a workstation. Everything is just right for me to work them spots and crinkes away. The overhead light is placed in exactly the right position to illuminate the desk, tablet and keyboard without shedding any direct light on to the screen or anything behind the screen. The ceiling light is then at the correct intensity which I can adjust if need be. There are no vivid colours in the room which could throw any slight colour cast onto the screen. The keybaord and tablet are black/grey and not white which, when this close,  could affect the appearance of blacks on screen.

The full HD screen is always the brightest thing in the room being at least 2 stops brighter then anything else, it is fully profiled by Spyder so that every colour is exactly measured and corrected.

The super reliable LINUX disk array to the right of the screen is fully hot backed up via RAID which means I dont need to stop working in the event of a disk crash. These LINUX disks have a very hard working life and sure beat Windows and Apple for reliability,  just about never need rebooting, not even after a whole year of continueous work.  They are accessable by any computer in the studio which are networked by Ethernet gigabit (fastest) Local Area Network (LAN). Behind the screen is a Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) which means I can carry on working in the event of a power failure and then power down gracefully without loss of work. The desk is a big enough space so that my printer can produce test prints within easy grabbing distance before commiting to send away for a canvas or an album.  

Everything is based around the screen and graphics tablet, the centre of my working life.

Most inportantly of all , to the right,  is a serving hatch from the kitchen so that I can be passed coffee.

So it may look like chaos but theer is some method to the madness!

Tech Stuff
Canon 5D MK II
1/125 sec
ISO 1250
Organised Chaos

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