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My Cameras

I am often asked what cameras I have so here you go … in order of image size, smallest first …. Canon IXUS 40 This is my happy snap ultra compact point and shoot. Being so very small it can fit into my jeans pocket with ease and go everywhere i go. When I climbed […]

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Elliott Hemeon Thanks for sharing info on your equipment. I am wondering Isolette vs Mamiya 7, is the Isolette as sharp as the Mamiya 7 ?

Paul Copsey Hi Elliott, Both these rangefinders are Leica sharp, If you take into account all the others features of a quality lens such as optical aberrations, ghosting etc then the Mamiya wins.
Both are Medium Format (120 film) and both are rangefinders … but both cameras are very different. The older Isolette is either a single coated lens or not coated at all, this gives a wonderful old lens flare. Furthermore, the Isoly is like having a Rolls Royce engine in a Volkswagen as the lens quality far exceeds the quality of the camera body. On the other hand the mamiya 7 is like having a Maserati engine in a Maserati. The advantage of the Isoly is that it folds and can fit easily into a jacket pocket. The advantage of the Mamiya 7 is that it has all the modern quality features such as a light meter. Both these rangefinders are whisper quiet and a joy to use.

hotshot bald cop Glorious blog!

guides in St.Petersburg I wanted to thanks for this great read!! I definitely having fun with every little little bit of it I would love to see some photos from your older cameras on this site

Paul Copsey Yes I still use these old lovelies from time to time (but I dont inetnd to show the photographs I have taken in the past) so stay tuned …..

Children Stuff Magnificent web site. A lot of helpful info here. I?m interested in tips on pregancy and baby photography.

Henry A Wow lots of cool camera info here. I like your writing style, its easy to read.

Marge thanks.a good artilce.

Fuji X50 may be the best ultra compact ever

Its not often I get excited at the rumour of a new camera but this one has stirred me up into a bit of a frenzy. So here it is the yet to be announced Fuji X50 Why is it so different … well first of all it has a big brother called the Fuji […]

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SeanG Small sensor cameras simply do not appeal to me. May as well use the iPhone 4.

Paul Copsey Hi Sean, well yes but I know where you are coming from but I am not looking at this as a serious camera, I want it for happy snaps. Also sensor size much larger than iPhone and the lens is to die for . PS have a read here about my thoughts on using phones for happy snaps http://www.paulcopsey.com.au/happysnaps/what-makes-a-good-happy-snap-camera/

Chalean I will buy one; Its the camera for me

TS Images Looks like this is now known as the Fuji X10

Carajean That’s not just the best answer. It’s the besetst answer!

Hank Wow! Great thniknig! JK