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2nd October 2011 Michelle and Aaron Sneek Speek

Photographed a lovely wedding today at the wonderful roof top terrrace of Sails at Redcliffe. What a fantastic location, what a fantastic day and what a fantastic wedding. I enjoyed ever minute of it. Here are some sneek speek photos straight from the camera. Over the next few weeks we will finish these photos and many […]

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22nd September 2011 The Big Time

How does any professional photographer know when he has hit the big time? The answer of course is when Councillor for Deagon Ward in Brisbane, none other than Victoria Newton herself arrives at your studio asking for new photos to be taken of her. No pressure at all but I think if I stuff up, […]

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21st September 2011 Organised Chaos

Today I spent on my graphics tablet in my production room at the studio so I thought i would take a picture of it. You would never know it to look at this photo, but I am the fussiest person I know when it comes to a workstation. Everything is just right for me to work […]

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18th September 2011 Red and Blue Above Green Below

I have a love of natures colours. Just look at all the colours here. Basically a Red and Blue Sky and Green Grass but actually when we examine these natures colours we find something much more complex. In the sky here are not just 2 colours but actually millions of colours, amazing hues, luminosities and […]

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17th September 2011 Bush Fire Sunset

I love my sunsets, maybe ervyone knows this already, but today was a sunset sent from heaven. It was a combination of sunset and the results of a bush fire … wow. The Sunshine Coast Hinterland recent bush fire had created a natural filter and caused the light from the setting sun to be very […]

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Helen Marsh Gorgoeus…what more is there to say!! Great capture Paul. Will look amazing in their album or on their wall!!

udazotxjea Never seen this colour in the sky before

atavjuntxk wow cool colour man

npmsrxodmk Wow i hear about aussie bush fires on the news. Great photo

16th September 2011 Half Silhouette

Today’s subject, a couple in Love. How nice is that. It was also a great opportunity to xreate a Silhouette shooting straight into the sun. A word of warning before we continue …. NEVER try this at home. NEVER shoot straight into the sun without proper training and guidance. Blindness is not worth getting a perfect […]

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8th September 2011 Happy Birthday Peter Sellers

Today is Peter Sellers birthday, comic genious. Most people agree his best performances was as Chief Inspector Clouseau in The Pink Panther film series,  unless your name is Prince Charles in whcih case his best performances was as verious characters in the Goon Show. Either way he is one of my all time comic genius heroes, up […]

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Tera Sivic I visit your site every day now. Your site should be called “Free Photo Tips” or “Free Photo Training”. Thanks Tera

Chantel Chhoun Hah only difference was that in the original a broadsheet newpaper and yours was a tabloid. Anyway excellent

Paul Copsey Yes well I think the subject matter was better in the original, also his eyes were lit and I put mine in the shade for more mystery as my subject (which was me, a self portrait) has no mystery about him in real life :-)

LJ Images awsome post, awsome photo

Asparagus Nutrition I really your posts, well informed, but also entertaining!

Michelle Very nice Paul, i suggest setting up a forum on your site, so that us photographers can talk and communicate.

Paul Copsey Hi Michelle, this site has only just been set up so I dont think we have the visitor numbers as yet for a forum. Thanks for your interest. If … or when maybe … we get say 1,000 visitors a day then I will consider Cheers Paul

Garland Munce cool tri-X lives on

birthday wishes I agree with you Paul Copsey, fantastic post.

Antigua TT nice light, as you say, harsh, yes but good effect

Birgit Sisto Paul
Good photography tips

Rosina Mulvahill Hey! I am a Peter Sellers fan! a huge thumbs up for this post.

Arthur Caveness Paul you are as entertaining as PS himself

best photo scanner Hello there, simply continue using your fav old film like TRI-X then scan it to get the benfits of digital further processing. Best of both worlds. Cheers!

Paul Copsey Absolutely, I am with you on this one. Thanks Paul

Bono Creeatd the greatest articles, you have.

Marty entertaining post and picture!

Wednesday 31st August 2011 RIP Diana

Fourteen years ago to this day, Princess Diana lost her life in a car crash in Paris.  The world mourned this loss like no other. Her beauty was adored by

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Kris Could not have said better myself. Love Marios work too

David Avery RIP Diana x

Solar Hot Water Brisbane Hello Paul! I want to say that this post is excellent, great writing about Dianas portraits, more posts like this please :-)

tontek65 awesome photo representing Diana, thanks

facebookpoker 14 years ago and it seams like just yesterday

x pole Cool pic. Cheers!

Braun I like the photographic information you supply on your articles. I will bookmark your blog and take a look at again right here regularly. Good luck for the next!

Electric Toothbrushes Magnificent web site

Tuesday 30th August 2011 Baby Portraits

Took countless photos of this lovely three week old baby and this is the one that makes me smile. Of course its up to her Mum and Dad what goes on their wall and I am not thinking for one moment it will be this one, but its like the baby is saying “ok I […]

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Melinda Schwenke I would be proud to have it on my wall, if the baby was mine that is!

phenphedrine reviews This was some interesting stuff. Posting to facebook :)

Edwardsons quirky is what i would call this baby photo. bravo for quirky

Sang Superb article, stylish baby portrait, carry on the good work

xiaorr Here! Here! very good

xiaorr456 Enjoyed reading this, very good stuff, regards .

Monday 29th August 2011 Sunset Portraits

After a week of London style weather it was nice to welcome a  good old Queensland Sunny day …. and with it too came a dramatic sunset. I do love my

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Merri Egizi Like the feel of this, you have captured the mood well (I am a designer so feel qualified to say :-))

Paul Copsey Thank you Merri !!!

computer repairs gold coast Love this sunset pic, you simply won a new reader.

Greg Dries Hi Paul

Good seeing you as well, beautiful images….. love the warmth of the images ….cheers greg

Paul Copsey Thanks Greg, see you at Shorncliffe again no doubt soon. All the best for now Paul

Helen Marsh Wow Paul…what an awesome image! Captured the sunset & clouds perfectly. Love it!

Ethanael I came, I read this aritcle, I conquered.

Yancy Heck of a job there,

Saturday 27th August 2011 Fun in The Rain

Wow what a day, Rain, Rain and more Rain so enough to make you feel miserable right? Well wrong ! Here is my photo of the day and shows our wonderful bride and groom today having

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Art It is really a nice. Thank you for sharing.

Sanantonio Wedding Photographer Great photo showing fun. Can I ask? It does not look to me that this photo needs to be photoshopped so are you going to leave it as is?

Paul Copsey Thanks! i will see how I feel when ths wedding gets to post production but maybe the only thing i may change is the yellow boat light in the background whcih i might make the same background colour to blend it in.

Ryan Brenizer — NYC Wedding Photographer Hi Paul agree its a lovely unique image, you dont mind showing photos straight from the camera then?

Paul Copsey Hi Ryan, Yes i dont mind, infact I do it all the time. Our brides and grooms pick their (untouched) Favs from all the pictures we take on their day and then I will visit each image to see what magic we will perform. The photos are only fully worked when we go to print either in the album or wall print. Hope you are missing the Hurricane, stay safe! Paul

Helen Marsh This pic tells a beautiful story!!

FH looks like great fun, great pic too

Loradae enjoyable read and fun pic

Emeline Super excited to see more of your wedding photos