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20th September 2011 Photograph Love

Out of all the emotions I get to photograph, the greatest of these is Love.  My life being devoted to photograph love in different situations, an engagement, a wedding, a newborn baby, a family and the list goes on … So we were doing the beach today and I was thinking about taking a photo […]

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15th September 2011 Better than Disneyland

What’s better than taking pictures of your family at Disneyland? the answer is of course taking pictures of your everyday life. I have said it before, but many families will associate going on holiday with a need to take photos to remember it by. Thats great and when I am on holiday I take photos […]

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13th September 2011 Silhouette Photography

Today I gave myself the day off and so decided to travel into Brisbane to visit a photographic exhibition of the wonderful Street Photography of Henri Cartier-Bresson. I spent two and a half hours looking at his amazing Black and White images and loved every minute of it. But just before I went into the […]

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johnc I am taken back by this photo. Would love it on my wall

Marion Impressive with that camera!!!

Sunday 28th August 2011 Now and Then

Took a photo of the kids today and compared it to the same photo I took only 2 years ago. Just goes to show how

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Peter Lovely record of how your girls are growing Paul. Havnt seen you lately at bcg, must catch up soon.

Paul Copsey Thanks Peter and yes sorry been busy taking photos :-) but hope to attend next digi meet Cheers Paul

Marion How amazing!! You would hardly think they are the same two girls…
Imagine what they will be like in another 10 years!! You will be beating the boys away with sticks! Or you will have migrated to Antarctica or some other equally remote, unpopulated spot….

Paul Copsey Thanks Marion. I have tolf them already that the proper age for boyfriends is 35 !!!! See you soon PP

Wideofilmowanie I discovered your blog and love you unique down to earth approach. I have subscribed to your RSS feed. Looking forward to reading more from you later on!…

kamerzysta I enjoy reading that post!

TS Images Now and Then … what I cool idea

What Makes a Good Happy Snap Camera

The qualities of a good snap camera? If it is going to be your sole camera then you need to think about each situation it needs to function for. I have the luxury of currently owning many cameras so I can select the best tool for the best job, however, many people want just one […]

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Janae Touchdown! That’s a rlelay cool way of putting it!

What is a Happy Snap

I have been asked many times which camera someone to buy to take snaps of their family … so lets address this here. Firstly What is a Happy Snap Photograph? For me happy snaps are all about story telling. I think its important for us all to tell our stories in pictures. This will keep […]

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Photo Club This page had a lot of interesting information on it. You are always providing great content! Keep it up!

Dorie Great post with lots of improtnat stuff.

Tracen Awesome thanks!