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Friday 26th August 2011 Light Through the Dark

Spent all of today with clients or in front of the computer so come 4.00pm my trigger finger was eagerly looking for a shutter release button. I walked down to the water

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Peter Hi Paul, i thought you went out when the sky turned black?

Paul Copsey Hi Peter, yes the sky had just turned black to my eye but the camera can still pick up some colour with a very slow shutter speed (3.5 seconds for this photo). It also helps to point the camera more or less in the direction of where the sun set and also light pollution from the town helps.

Elizabeth A We had a similar sky to this in North Wales last night….it was a definite blue/black colour. It was even more spectacular when a double rainbow appeared!

Peter Ok thanks paul but did you photoshop any colours in, or saturate colours?

Paul Copsey No photoshop changes what so ever, well apart from straight conversion from RAW to web quality JPG. The ground colour has a green tint and this is from the sodium street lights. If I finished this photo to make print ready then I would darken the ground a little, darken the tree trunk and maybe remove power lines but no time right now as just getting ready to photograph a wedding. Hope camera club is going well. All the best Paul

Paul Copsey Wow sounds lovely Liz. There is nothing better than God’s creations :-)

Peter Very impressive that this is stright from the camera paul. Can you provide the Tech EXIF data please?

Paul Copsey Canon G11 on carbon tripod (yes only carbon will do as I am not a Russian Shotputter)
f/3.5 – Shame the G11 lens is not f/2.8 throughout or I would have used it
3.5 secs shutter speed – i just guessed this and was pretty much ok
ISO 100
Camera on timer as I have no cable – wonder if you can but a shutter release cable for the G11??
Wait for a gap in the cars as their headlights would have caused overexposure
Most off all, wait for the correct time to take this photo – about 35 mins after sunset this time of year in Brisbane