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13th September 2011 Silhouette Photography

Today I gave myself the day off and so decided to travel into Brisbane to visit a photographic exhibition of the wonderful Street Photography of Henri Cartier-Bresson. I spent two and a half hours looking at his amazing Black and White images and loved every minute of it. But just before I went into the […]

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johnc I am taken back by this photo. Would love it on my wall

Marion Impressive with that camera!!!

9th September 2011 Rain and Neutral Density

Today was a rainy, windy day which gives different opportunities for photos. I took some photos of palm tree leaves in the rain and then went into town as I visualised a photo of someone struggling with their umbrella. I took the tripod as I wonted to render the scene sharp expect for the person and umbrella. […]

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fujifilm x100 Hi there, love your photos and what you have wrote on another page of the Fuji X50 Cheers!

Blaine Ravel Hey, I really like the rain in photos. Not many people bother taking photos in the rain Cheers

Bradley Dyreson Looking forward to reading more from you Mr Photographer!…

Palmer Pendergraft you top photographer !!

maternity photography Hello there, I find you really informative and think a lot of other folks will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

Marion Looker Hello, I really enjoyed your comments above. Keep up the excellent work ! Thanks Very Much.

Panasonic TZ20 Hi, i think that you should expand this site to camera testing. You would make a excellent camera tester

Sjove billeder Great blog here!

Damion Hegarty You have motivated me to take pictures in the rain

Kemberly Mintreas Thanks for making me aware of these neutral density filters

Erin Dauzat great pic

Judy Got it! Thanks

6th September 2011 Henri Cartier-Bresson

Long day at the studio today, 13 hours to be exact. Managed to grab 20 minutes between a quick meal and seeing a wedding client. Made my way down to our local train station and watched people poor off the 5:38 arrival. Not much inspired me so unfortunately my sunset light had now gone and […]

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Camberos Great article. HCB is one of my heroes too

vimax very natural paul and just the way i like it

SteveG you just gained a new reader

TC Photos I could read your blogs for hours. great job!!! :)

Demetrius Barnette Hey! I just wanted to say you have a nice site :-). Me and my friends follow it we kinda like it. Cheers!

Dan hello

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Paul Copsey Hi Dan, thanks very much and I have just sent you an email. Kind Regards Paul